School Objectives - Christadelphian Family Bible School

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To educate (mental enlightenment)
  • to promote the doctrine of God manifestation as a central principle
  • to educate by means of sound scriptural reasoning and evidence
  • to demonstrate the value and relevance of the pioneer writings
  • to provide the leadership of Bible principle as the only basis for conviction

To inspire (moral encouragement)
  • to excite with the power and wonder of the scriptures
  • to inspire to a higher standard of zeal and service in the truth
  • to renew the joy of fellowship with the Father, and the Son, and the saints
  • to encourage with the reality and certainty of the kingdom

To empower (personal commitment)
  • to enthuse to the responsibility of personal commitment in the truth
  • to empower with spiritual material that helps to effect personal change
  • to develop helps for personal progress in Bible study, prayer and application
  • to nourish the virtues of reverence and humility in spiritual development

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